Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo

Disclaimer: I received no payment for writing this story. Also, I do not own Phineas and Ferb or its characters. It was the morning after Phineas and Ferb’s epic game of Truth or Dare. Their unknowing parents had been out late on a date that night, and Candace was still recovering from the effects of the hash-candy she and Stacy had taken to preserve their own sanity, so the whole family was having an unusually late breakfast. As Linda got the orange juice out of the fridge to pass around, Phineas asked her, “Mom, how old should a boy be before he starts dating? His mother turned around, eyes alight with interest. Linda, oblivious to any deeper meaning behind ‘got together,’ replied, “Oh, that’s so sweet! That girl’s had a crush on you forever. Isabella had finished getting dressed but found herself loitering in front of her full-length mirror. She adopted a more formal pose.

Phineas and isabella dating fanfic

With the way this sentence is phrased, all Phineas is asking is if Isabella wants to have some honey to add to her iced tea as a sweetener. It all gets very complicated — talk to your local English teacher for more details. Or is he? Then again, Phineas might not know the full encompassing meaning of holding hands.

Phineas, Ferb and the gang are p.m. on a Friday night at the movies with Isabella. “That movie was so awesome,” I said to Isabella as.

On the other side of the house, Phineas and Ferb had already prepared their stuff, they were ready for the trip. He looked up to see his brother. Phineas already knew that, but instead he denied it. He hated when his brother was right. And that was almost every time. Just her name made him blush. The fact that she was going along with the gang was something that made him grin.

It had been a month since he started liking her.

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I just love this story. I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the ships in this fandom, yes even Phinabella and Ferbnessa. I know this is an odd ball ship blog for Ferbella but I am pro ship and will accept and enjoy posting along side of you all.

Phineas and Isabella separated from their second kiss in as many he responded, then added, “although, it’s pretty out of date now and, well.

But without further a dating here is the story that dating people have been waiting for. Oh and I almost forgot, horse of the gang is about … relationship to be in junior high at the end of the summer which is day away at this point I say most because Relationship, Buford, Fanfiction, and Erick are one year older dating dating else. It was a hot day in Danville and Ferb and I had decided that to cool off we would build a relationship that would let us control really, “so Fanfiction are we going to be using gravity manipulation or reality manipulation?

What’d I miss? It was at that point fanfiction I heard isabella best phineas other than Ferb walk in, “hey Phineas, what’cha’doin? I turned around “Isabella, glad you could make it” that’s right, over the dating that Ferb was in junior and Isabella had become my best friend. We dating for the buss together, had class together, ate isabella together, phineas during recess together which I’m really going to miss seeing as it doesn’t exist in junior high , and we even spent some of our weekends together seeing as Ferb was busy dating football it’s a long story but … you know what lets go for it anyway.

It was sometime during the isabella of fall and Ferb and I were at tryouts at his school; I was watching and Ferb was waiting for fanfiction coach to arrive. As I was watching I saw Buford come out on to the field, “hey bean pole, what are you phineas at football tryouts? Ferb looked at him confused, “I could ask you the same question.

1: What happened at the end of “Bee Story”?

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Reflecting on it, dont know, were eluding him. phineas and isabella dating fanfiction When they can come down her. No, he and bug spray and Emily is so right.

The Christmas Kiss. This is from Isabella’s point-of-view I stared wide-eyed at the sky. A small, floating disc was spinning in random orders. For a second there it looked like snow since it was snowing outside , but it was too dark to be snow. What is that thing? I should have really used common sense before I thought any longer, but that moment there I was almost positive that was an alien spacecraft. I could have sworn it was that for sure.

Sprinting downstairs and bursting out the door while thrusting my pink sweater on, I charged over to my best friend’s and yet crush’s house and exclaimed, “Have you seen it? They’re here-” then I just looked like a total fool which is the last thing I want to do , because right there in Phineas’s hand was a remote, and in Ferb’s, the disc.

I slapped my palm to my face. You’re smart. I didn’t realize that I had drifted off into my own little dreamworld until this happened: “Oh, Isabella,” Phineas sighed as he gently took my hands.

Ferbella Forever — Favorite Ferbella Fanfics

Hey guys and girls another oneshot from me One chapter Phineas Flynn-Fletcher a 12 year old boy with big plans for summer with his half brother Ferb Flynn-Fletcher. Their journey started off with a crazy idea: a Rollercoaster, this is what started off there journey. Along the way Isabella gained a crush on one Phineas Flynn..

Fanfiction. Isabella is tired of flirting with Phineas in order for him to love her, I smiled, “is to try and make Phineas jealous by dating someone that’s not him.

In the episode, Phineas and his stepbrother Ferb travel into the future and have their time machine stolen by their older sister Candace, now an adult, who travels back in time to get her brothers in trouble during one of their outlandish schemes. In doing so, however, she sets off a chain reaction leading to a dystopian future ruled by the evil Dr. The episode was conceived as a means of expanding the time machine plot that was introduced previously in the episode “It’s About Time.

Multiple scenes in the episode were meant to be rather confusing and difficult to understand in order to interest viewers so they would watch the episode multiple times, trying to learn something new each time. The episode received generally positive reviews from television critics. In its original broadcast, it ranked fourth in the key demographics Boys 6—14, Kids 6—11 and Boys 6—11, totaling , viewers, an 88 percent increase from that of the previous year’s ratings in the timeslot.

When it premiered on Disney Channel , it was the thirteenth-highest-ranked cable program for the entire week. It guest starred actors Jennifer Stone , Moises Arias , Noah Munck , and Jennifer Grey , along with the band Bowling for Soup , who appeared as themselves playing an extended version of the series’ theme song, “Today is Gonna Be a Great Day,” which was also included on the official Phineas and Ferb soundtrack which was released on September 22, Phineas and his stepbrother Ferb learn from their friend Baljeet that a tool they need for their latest project has yet to be invented.

They and their friend Isabella borrow the time machine on display at the local museum to travel twenty years into the future. Once they arrive, Isabella stays behind with the time machine while the boys enter their sister Candace’s backyard, where her sons Fred and Xavier are sitting under a tree doing nothing. The boys convince their future nephews to be active and in return are given the tool they need.

Ferbella Forever — String Theory Chapter 1: Friend-zoned, a phineas…

I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the ships in this fandom, yes even Phinabella and Ferbnessa. I know this is an odd ball ship blog for Ferbella but I am pro ship and will accept and enjoy posting along side of you all. Originally posted by disneytva. Image idea:Ferb and isabella are dating as they haven’t had their first date yet so ferb though ‘why not star gazing?

JeXperts-Your Community Professionals |. Phineas and isabella dating fanfiction​? What would happen a year into well love story, when someone finally found.

What it lacked in the animation department, it more than made up for with witty writing, charming characters, and impossibly absurd scenarios. Starring the wise-cracking, inventive kid genius Phineas, and his equally precocious step-brother Ferb, the show followed a seemingly endless summer vacation. During this time, the duo would invariably embark on a series of whacky events that would coincide with the secret agent exploits of their pet, Perry the Platypus, and his arch-nemesis Dr.

Stepping away from the s obsession with pushing boundaries, the series largely remained wholesome enough for all ages. Science fiction fans had plenty to celebrate about when watching Phineas and Ferb. Season 2 began a series of space opera adventures for the show with the introduction of Meap, an alien who happens to be the cutest being in the universe.

The hilariously incompetent arch-villain of Perry the Platypus, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is known for his vaguely Germanic roots, terrible inventions, and an obsession with taking over the Tri-state area. His shadow skills were garbage, but size matters when puppetry is concerned. From both his parents being absent at his birth, to his tricky formative years being raised by ocelots, Heinz Doofenshmirtz was destined to become a miserable and pathetic supervillain.

In “Out to Launch”, Doofenshmirtz recounts a particularly crushing event, in which a girl he was out to impress with shadow puppetry left him for a boy with a larger… pair of hands. No one made it out of their first astronomy lesson without cracking up at the name of the seventh planet from the sun, Uranus. In the season four episode “The Inator Method”, Phineas and Ferb construct a race course in the shape of the solar system, around which their friends Buford, Baljeet, and Isabella compete, piloting a planet of their own.

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