2) Don’t Attach to an Outcome

Is there a part of you that has given up hope of ever finding the love of your life? But, deep down, you secretly yearn for a committed, healthy, relationship with a man. A relationship that is so spectacular, you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with him? Even if this is your desire , you may have lost hope, because you have no idea how to attract the love of your life. They married right out of college because that is what everyone did at that time. And it took me a few more relationships, to finally get it right. At least the attraction part.

Dating Advice About Masculine Versus Feminine Energy

The law of polarity is one of the basic laws of nature — and the basis for a strong and long-lasting attraction. Put simply, the more feminine you are, the more masculine the man you will attract. If you are not truly in your feminine energy, a masculine man will not be able to be his best, strong, giving self with you. He cannot be the supportive partner he wants to be unless you accept him that way.

– You have to be % in your feminine energy at a given time to fully be open to​/surrender and let the masculine energy in. Femininity is beautiful, and any.

He was attractive, he was smart, he was successful. He was thoughtful, he was fun, he was great in bed. He was interesting, he was sensitive, he was kind. Then why did the relationship fall apart? After joining my Inner Circle, Jennifer, was excited to have attracted a different kind of guy. Her new boyfriend had all the signs of being a keeper.

He took down his profile and offered to be exclusive. He called her consistently to make plans. He emailed and texted multiple times a day. He introduced her to his friends and met her family. If you let your disappointments shade your view of relationships, you may be inadvertently sabotaging yourself. These are the hallmarks of an interested man. Out of nowhere, this guy went POOF, into the night.

How to Use Feminine Energy to Connect With A Man

Click to see full answer. Similarly, you may ask, how can dating keep feminine energy? Unlike your masculine energy strengths, you’re receptive, open and more passive relinquishing control. Feminine energy is the receptive energy that opens.

If you are not truly in your feminine energy, a masculine man will not be able to be his best, strong, giving self with you. He cannot be the supportive partner he.

Some may not think masculine energy can be intense or even scary at times. Whilst Feminism has done some great things for us, it has also made women quite domineering with a tendency to castrate men with a single look. It destroys the virility and spirit in men. When I was in Law School, girls used to talk about how some powerful women had their man by the balls. Neither is the notion of gender differences. Yes, we are all people, but there exists in every one of us, a combination of two energies.

Masculine and feminine. Some women are more masculine at their core, but most are not. Men have feminine energy as well. All humans need a good balance of both. However, most leading experts in this area suggest this: most females are feminine at their core, and most males are masculine at their core.

5 Traits Of Attractive Women Who Know How To Capture A Guy’s Attention

If you learn how to be in your feminine energy you will start to see a huge shift in the type of men you attract and the lengths they will go to in order to be with you. Before I really get into things I want to say, this is not about playing a game, manipulating, or using men in any way. Sexual polarity is what creates passion, attraction, and intimacy.

You see there can only be one alpha in a relationship. Alpha men want to be the one in charge of the relationship.

8 Ways To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy On Your Next Date · 1. Take Your Hands Off The Wheel · 2. Let Him Choose The Location · 3. Smile · 4.

Anita Stoudmire is a licensed professional therapist, love mentor, and founder of Better Love Movement , an online coaching business that helps women of all ages master their feminine power and create the relationships they want. Based in Virginia, Anita has a private counseling practice known as Growth Therapy Center , which focuses on couples counseling and relationship issues for singles. Anita is passionate about all things love and relationships as she knows that the quality of our lives are that much richer when our personal relationships are healthy and fulfilling.

I want to hear you describe the difference between feminine and masculine energy, and maybe even the difference between energy and power or if those are interchangeable for you. This is my favorite topic in the world. So, feminine and masculine energy, it resides in every single person; both energies. And we need both energies in which to get things done, to relate to the people in our lives, to relate to our loved ones, our kids, nature.

Feminine Energy: How to Embrace It, Release It and Increase It

For a romantic relationship to flourish, there must be the infusion of both feminine and masculine energy to it. Most of you are unconscious of this. Meaning, you are not aware that you are exuding masculine energy and wonder why these men pull away, lose attraction or bail out along the course of the relationship.

The truth is, you have both the masculine and feminine energies in you.

Masculine energy is all about action, giving, decision- making, and problem solving, and assertiveness. · Feminine energy is more about being, feeling, receiving.

You date endlessly, but the outcome is always the same: a handful of dates that seldom progress past the exchange of formalities. There is nothing wrong with being single. You can be a total catch and choose not to be in a relationship. If so, this article is not intended for you. Everyone possesses masculine energy and feminine energy and we fluctuate between both.

However, there is one sphere that predominates. This energy is not determined by your sex or sexual orientation. Rather, it is determined by examining what our deep-rooted desires and needs are. According to relationship expert Dr. Pat Allan, masculine energy dominant individuals want to be respected, to lead, and to take charge. They typically lead with their brain versus their emotions. They are the aggressors and the initiator in a romantic dynamic.

Typically, masculine energy individuals are providers and protectors.

Dating With Dana – How To Get A Man To Be Wild About You!

Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. Is there a single law that explains how the universe works? Understanding the law of polarity is essential to living a fulfilling and happy life. The energy you put out into the world matters — not only to and for your relationships, but to all of your life goals.

A lot of women ask me, “what is feminine energy when dating?” so I decided to make this video to teach how to balance masculine and feminine energy and how.

It is incredibly inspiring to men and to all people, beyond what you can imagine right now. Unfortunately, most of us do not embrace our unique feminine energy. The question is what is feminine energy? Feminine energy is the energy of life within you. It is an energy of ever-changing flow. It responds to emotion in relationships and seeks to feel and experience love. Your feminine energy is similar to the energy of the ocean. The ocean is sometimes calm, sometimes wild.

It is sometimes colder, sometimes warmer. The ocean is sometimes unforgiving and life threatening, yet sometimes serene and peaceful. As a woman with a feminine essence, feminine energy is ideally free to flow all throughout your body. You cannot give off feminine energy if you have to constantly live through your masculine energy.

The law of polarity

An alpha male can easily make your heart melt the minute you hear his voice and connect face-to-face. This is where your feminine energy and his masculine energy collide creating sexual chemistry. The reason these two energies work well together is that they are polar opposites. And you want more of what he has, masculine energy. Being a woman, you possess both energies.

When staying true to your feminine energy, it’s crucial to know that it isn’t a political statement, a backward step for womanhood, or an admission of any sort.

Did you know that you were born with both masculine and feminine qualities? The traditional view is that men are masculine and women are feminine. Popular culture on the other hand would like you to believe that male and female are born equal. As a Dating Coach I deal with this rather too often. The brain function between the male and female embryo is exactly the same.

At 8 weeks however, the male foetus is flooded with testosterone that destroys all communication pathways between the left side of the brain responsible for processing language and the right side of the brain where emotion is processed. Adding weight to the reason why women love communicating and sharing their feelings and why they are so good at it too! We are all born with both masculine and feminine traits.

Neither of these energies is superior to the other.

Ladies be Magnetic to Love: 11 Tips to Connect to your Feminine Side

As high-achieving women of this modern day and age, we all live in a highly masculinized world. My work rests on the fundamental premise that living and connecting with our feminine energy is the key to achieving love transformation in our lives and relationships. We are all women of an era where the messages of femininity have been mocked and equated with being a doormat, or somehow being subservient to men. These are myths that are propagated by those that have an incomplete knowledge of this concept and a lack of awareness on what it truly means to be connected with this Universal energy, endowed to us women by nature.

When you are in your feminine energy, you are not busy doing, but instead enjoying that which is before you. Yes, you want that external career success, but you also want that amazing, fulfilling relationship — that is what a balanced life looks like, and that is what reconnecting with your feminine energy will help you achieve.

Dating, Relationships and Feminine Energy with Felicie. likes. Felicie Kalais is a dating and relationships expert who uses the feminine energy.

If you are a very masculine woman you will attract a more feminine man and visa versa. To describe how this works think of a magnet. If you are a successful woman the chance is you have had to rely on your masculine side. Masculine energy is fuelled by the desire to dominate, take control or conquer. Thinking logically and in a linear focused way, there is success in victory. In contrast, the feminine energy appreciates the process as much as the outcome, values personal connection and insists on the qualities of beauty and joy in every aspect of life.

The feminine will always choose co-operation and kindness over competition and aggression.